Sunday, December 15, 2013

Where does the time go?

Oh my! The time is flying by. Hard to believe it has been nearly two months since I made a post. Honestly, I compose them in my head all day long but since I do not have internet at the studio I just forget when I get home and get busy with family stuff. I do post my going on of the day quilty-wise on Facebook since it is so easy to do that from my phone and that links directly to Twitter. I know blogger has an app but I have never had much success with posting from it.  I have seen others make one post and it goes everywhere. Something to figure out for the upcoming year.

Speaking of the upcoming year... its that time, yes the dreaded resolutions. I don't call them that. I call them "goals." I usually get a shiny new planner in December. I like the weekly kind that have the days in columns. They are hard to find. I use the Barnes and Noble Desk Diary. I don't use it much as a working calendar because that part of my brain is kept in i-Cal (which I love because it links between all three of my devices and is why I got my first i-pod touch, well one of the reasons).  I write down my goals in the back of it and use it as a sort of journal for everything from exercise (haven't done much of that lately) to what I cooked for dinner. 

Apparently last year I only listed the crafty projects I wanted to complete. There are 13 items on the list. I have completed 3 of them and will have one more this week (hopefully, it is a Christmas present!). A few others are half done. Hmm, that is not a very good percentage. I should have recorded business goals too, because then it would look better. I have met my expectations in that area :0) Maybe I will make a page here for a little accountability? Maybe not!

So, for this upcoming year one of the things I want to accomplish is to visit here at least once a week. To help with that I have joined a Challenge on Creative Every Day  . There will be linkies to my blog so maybe I will even make some new internet friends in the process.

What is a goal of yours for 2014? 


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