Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Little Bundle of Happiness

This is Max (the puppy formerly known as Vance). He came to our family from Burrow Kountry Kennels in Osceola, Missouri. He flew as an "unaccompanied minor" on Delta yesterday. 

Thanks to Myra Burrow for making the transaction a pleasant one. I was scared to death that maybe it wasn't going to go well. There are all kinds of dishonest people in this world who want to take your money and run. I am happy to say that this went flawlessly 

My other concern was without being able to visit the breeder knowing about the kennel conditions (puppy mill?). I feel I did what I could by checking Humane Society reports and finding absolutely nothing negative about this kennel. 

On the ride home from the airport it was all I could do to leave him in his crate! Look at that face. Izzie loves him but doesn't realize how big she is. She is used to being the little dog at 20 lb! He looks like a guinea pig next to her. He sort of sounds like one too when he whimpers. 

His breed is Cavachon, which is the same as Izzie-dog. A mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon frise. They are very low shedding and as hypoallergenic as they come. The hubster is allergic to regular doggies but can tolerate these guys. 
So this is what I will be consumed with/by for the immediate future. Off to the vet for his well-puppy check!  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why to check seams

This is a first for me. As I was progressing and then rolling the quilt on the rollers this little nasty reared its head. ( you are looking at the backside of a quilt on the uptake roller after it has been quilted. The seam came apart, hello batting) I don't routinely check all of the seams of backings. Perhaps I should. 

If you are a quilter who takes quilts to a longarmer here is a bit of advice. 

I roll the quilts pretty tight when I am working on them. I pay attention to not put too much tension but there is still a good amount. So if the seams are not sound this can happen. 

The person who made the quilt may have trimmed the seams too close, but more likely just wasn't paying attention to her seam allowance as she went along. It is okay to take more than 1/4 inch and press open on pieced backings. 

Just wanted to share some info, things happen but if we take a few minutes to slow down and even correct booboos as they happen we won't forget about them later.

Happy quilting! I'm off to get our new puppy!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Saying Farewell to a Stitch Its Friend

I am in a stitching group that meets every week on Thursday 9:30 am until you have had enough. Most people leave around 2. So we spend a lot of hours together. Sadly one of our friends has had to move due to her husband's job. So to give her a proper send off we did what quilters do, made her quilt blocks incorporating things we know she likes. Purple is her favorite color and she likes house blocks. Here are most of them. (Read to the bottom for the funny story)
I think this is Linda V
Charmaine L's final block
Charmaine L, rough draft, but where's the purple? This has become an ongoing joke in the group. She even wrote on the block "periwinkle is the new purple."

Pat S, the door opens and has a button for the doorknob

Mary M.

Janice has a fur baby that she loves so I made her a dog house. 

Label made by Fran S.

Denise Pr birdhouse

Pam Anders

Fran S used her embroidery machine and even put the  house number on it for the 208 house. 

Marjorie L, outhouse. 

Rhonda S, always a little wonky :0) 

Dianne R, love the fussy cut fabric for the walkway, flowers and trees,

Kathy R, paper pieced mansion

Karen M

Kari H, always bright and cheery

Leanne L. , I can tell because of the LeMoyne star

Lynn B. 
It seems there are a few missing, so if I missed yours let me know and send a pic! Here a story about one that didn't quite make it in time.

Jackie H. knew she wouldn't be at the group the day of the party. So she planned ahead, made her block and mailed it to our fearless leader Christy. We live in or near Huntsville, AL. The government has decided we don't need a post office that processes mail here, so everything has to go to Birmingham and then come back. Jackie decided to check the tracking on her piece of mail (sent in a bubble envelope) so be sure Christy would have it in time.  It turned out that her house took a little road trip. From Huntsville, to Birmingham, to Atlanta, to Pensilvania (I think), back to Atlanta, Birmingham and then finally to Christy's in Madison. (the exact trip might not be right but you get the picture) Jackie says its a good thing it wasn't a trip around the world quilt! The block was delivered to Janice before she left town, so its all good. We will miss her bunches!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chicken taco soup

This is a recipe that I got in one of those chain emails probably more than 5 years ago (before Pinterest etc). I came across it while clearing out a pile of papers (keeping in mind I have moved twice since it was printed and I am not a hoarder, just organizationally challenged). Today is cold, damp, and blustery out. A good day for soup. 

Shredded cooked chicken 2 cups
Black beans 1 can drained
Pinto beans 1 can drained 
Kidney beans 1 can drained 
Corn 1-2 c frozen 
Packet taco seasoning 
Packet dry ranch seasoning/dressing 
Water or broth to the desired thickness(1-3 cups)

Put all ingredients in pot or crock pot and heat. I will serve with shredded cheddar, sour cream and tortilla chips.