Saturday, December 29, 2012

Almost a month later....

I can't believe my last post was almost a month ago! So if you follow you are probably wondering how the football tournament turned out. After the first win the boys lost the next two which gave them fourth place out of 8 teams in their division. As a mom it seemed that the refs had something against our boys, there were a ton of bad calls against us and not enough for the other team.  They were blatantly face masking and not getting it called. Oh well, and life goes on. I am really proud of the boys for their hard effort and sportsmanship in the face of difficulty.

Coach Knight receiving medals
Chandler, Carter, and Daniel getting medals
As a special surprise for the team the coaches treated the team to a night at the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando. They had a great time getting slimed and swimming in a pool that was more than large enough for the whole team :)

The Sting boys doing a fun Nickelodeon relay
Donovon getting slimed
Unfortunately I was not feeling well as we checked into the hotel, feeling feverish and starting to cough. So I medicated heavily with mucus relief and Advil and tylenol and forged on. Saturday was a long drive home to Huntsville, still heavily medicated. Chandler and Isaiah were troopers and well behaved for the long trip. It was good to be home. By Sunday I was feeling really lousy and didn't get off the sofa all day. Every time I coughed my chest burned. Monday I decided to take myself to the walk in clinic up the street. I am always afraid of picking up something else at those places. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and steroids for the cough. The doctor said 24-36 hours and I would be feeling great. As far as I could tell the medications made me feel nauseous and dizzy but did nothing for the cough. I am just now not coughing, almost a month later. (I had never taken steroids before and hope to never take them again, they made me feel horrible.)

Jackson and Chandler modeling just a fraction of the Gator stuff from Grandma Joanie
So with a week being away from home and the next week plus trying to get well, this month flew by. Christmas has come and gone, in a flurry of Orange and Blue thanks to my step-mom Joanie.  I don't know how she does it, but she always finds the most unusual Gator paraphernalia. The weather is dreary, wet and cold. Honestly, it matches my mood. More on the reasons for that some time in the future, maybe.  So what do I do when life gets me down? Just keep quilting, just keep quilting, what do we do? We quilt, we quilt. (my version of life according to Dory).

Here is a peek at what I worked on the day after Christmas, all for me!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

AYF National Championships

American Youth Football National Championships.

#3 son CG has had a blast playing football for the first time this year.  He was recruited by last season's baseball coaches to play football due to his size. The first week of full pads practice was a rough start since he has a bizarre stomach virus. At first I thought maybe it was nerves about the hitting and pads but fortunately he got over it and it turned out to be a virus of some sort. So the team had a fantastic season and earned the right to play in the National Championship Tournament near Orlando, FL.
It is already day four of this road trip!  We have been "busy bees" - ha. We left Huntsville Friday around 6:00 pm and stopped near Ringold GA for dinner and then in Tifton, GA for a few hours of sleep. Saturday we drove about 4.5 hours to arrive at our hotel just before 2:00 pm. Some of the families caravanned but the Henrys and Labellas went on our own. We all arrived safely at about the same time. 
Coach brought the equipment and snacks in a U-haul

Chandler helping haul our stuff in

After everyone got their stuff into the hotel the team had to check in as a unit to the tournament and weigh in.  It was amazing to see just how many teams there were.  This was the second round of check-ins and it was packed.  There are a lot of teams here from all over the country.
Check-in for the tournament

After check-ins we got settled and had a team meeting.  The coaches headed off to a coach's meeting and a few of the moms took most of the boys to Chik-fil-a for dinner.  Then the boys did a little swimming. It is really just rough housing in a pool. 

Ms. Monica feeling the love
On Sunday the boys did a practice in the morning and then got to go SeaWorld.  Before leaving for the park we got together to give the team mom manager a gift.  She has done an amazing job this season. I am sure it has not been the easiest job.

the team at SeaWorld

CG petting the sting rays

petting the dolphins
This was Chandler's first time to SeaWorld. There are two big roller coasters and the boys ran back and forth between them for a long time. I finally pulled CG away and made him go see the sea life.  He liked seeing the rays, dolphins, turtles and manatees. I was able to get his name painted in crazy tropical letters, so now he has a name picture that matches his big brothers'. (They got theirs when we lived in Florida).  The day concluded with the Shamu show.  The boys liked getting splashed.  I stayed in the dry zone!

Monday was game day, the reason we travelled all this way. The boys were calm and a bit nervous at breakfast.  They played at 11:00 v. a team from St. Louis Missouri. We won 12-0 and so get to continue on in the winners bracket, so there are two more games, Wednesday and Friday. 

Chandler's Nonna and Gingaddy (Kevin's parents) and Aunt Pam and cousins Kaitlyn and Morgan came over from Tampa to see his game yesterday and then we had lunch with them. That was really nice!

Today they had practice and are doing their study hall and we may go to Universal  later.  I can't believe it is only Tuesday!