Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Am A Bag Lady

I love bags of all shapes and sizes.  They all serve a different purpose and one must have the right bag for the job.  I have an extreme dislike for plastic grocery sacks.  I am the one with a grocery cart full of food with my own sacks.  I do try to organize everything on the conveyor belt so the checkout person and baggers have an easier time of it.  I am not ignorant of the fact that the person behind me in line with a few items is probably cursing me under their breath, but what can I say, I am doing my part for the environment.  Every little bit helps right?

Insulated Lunch Tote
I have made a couple of cute bags to carry things in.  The first is a lunch bag.  It was on my list of projects for the year.  I actually purchased the materials before we ever moved, so back in November-ish.  Had I known how quickly it would go together I would not have waited.  It has a thermal lining between the outer and inner layer and also a vinyl liner that is removable for easy cleanup.  The pattern is from the book Lunch Bags!  It is a collective book and so every bag has a different designer.  This one is made by Rebecca and Karen Garcia and is called insulated lunch tote.  The finished size is 9 x 9 x 4 inches. I bought enough material to make two and so I will make another for a neighbor. 

Quick Sew fat-quarter bag

My second bag was also super quick and easy.  I found it on line through a blog (I think).  It is a free pattern from .  It is big enough to hold a couple of books from the library or a few things on a quick trip to the store.  (I despise going to the store, and so try to limit my trips to once a week).  It is not lined and so folds up to fit in a purse so it is always at hand.  They would make great little bags to stuff with gifts instead of wasting paper and tape.  A fat quarter is still cheaper than a roll of wrapping paper and tape, right? and much more fun. 

Around the house we have gotten some veggies planted in the raised bed that Jackson built and they are doing nicely.  My outside "project" now is fighting the weeds in the yard.  I am being obstinate about not using chemicals and so am spending HOURS pulling weeds.  Today I spent 2 hours pulling weeds and filled up a whole bucket and only got a small fraction of the yard cleared.  I figure if I tackle a little every day eventually it will be done.... or time to start over, HA :0) .   

I do have a new tool in my arsenal for that.  It is called a Hound Dog.  It is the most amazing weed pulling tool ever.  I give it 10 out of 5 stars! Check it out if you have weeds to deal with.  I bought mine at Home Depot.  Lowe's here doesn't carry it.  Worth every penny of the $25 I spent.  Mine is slightly different in the handle. 

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