Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Looking Forward to something

Red roses from my yard, because a post without pictures is boring.

Ahh, the lazy days of summer..... NOT
We have been super busy not doing much of anything. Day camps for one son, golfing and now work for another, and trying to fit  quilting/work in for me. Plus living at least 10 miles away from anything means a lot of "dead" time in the car. 

But all of that is about to end. School starts in less than two weeks for HCS. August 5. We should be able to get back into a routine of sorts, which will be nice. Something to look forward to. 

Something else I have to look forward to is the International Quilt Festival at the end of October in Houston, TX.  I have been "invited" to work/volunteer on the Education Team for the festival. It will be a lot of work and long hours but I am really excited about it, a whole week of nothing but quilts. 

One of the "perks" is that the volunteers get to sign up for classes right before registration opens up for everyone else. While there is not a lot of time for taking classes I have been able to pick out two sessions. I think it will be fun to meet the rest of the team, which is made up of about 23 dedicated people from all over the country.

It was exciting to see my friend Barbara Black's quilt on the cover of the quilt festival course catalogue too. This is the Ruby Jubilee Show "celebrating 40 years of great quilts." This particular quilt is red and white and is being featured on all of the official show stuff (tote bags, brochures, etc). It will also hang in the special exhibit Ruby Jubilee part of the show. You can see more of this phenomenal quilt here My Joyful Journey .  

One more thing to look forward to, my 30th high school reunion (next year). I have been asked to donate a little something for an auction.  More on that another time. But I am really looking forward to heading to paradise! 

Max is nine months old and just got his first haircut.


  1. It is odd that you are describing "paradise" as Houston. Maybe you should reconsider that description....... I will call you tomorrow if possible. I have been terribly busy with the new job......and have had difficulties with time management and the "usual".....

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Melissa. You will really enjoy Houston and all it has to offer.