Saturday, July 5, 2014

How long does it take to get a driver's license?

Ahh, summer. That time of lazy days and sitting around drinking iced tea or lemonade..... NOT! This summer has been extremely busy around here. I thought the quilters would go out to their gardens and I might get a little break. Nope, I am staying very steady with my quilting and have several t-shirt quilts on order. Plus the kiddos are home and needing rides everywhere. The 17-yo did get his driver's license, but without an extra car that doesn't do us much good. 
Okay, here is the driver's license story. It took a full week to obtain said license. Not because he failed the test. Because the offices where one gets a license are understaffed and its a government agency in the state of Alabama.  

We decided to not even try to go to the office in Huntsville due to previous experiences of waiting 5 hours in line. People are lined up at 5 a.m. and you get a number and still might not get seen that day. So we head to a smaller office south of town. When we get there we discover it is a building the size of my kitchen and the sign on the door states no driving tests on wet roads. Well of course it was a drizzly day. So we go home. 

The next day we get to the office 10 mins after it opens and the sign on the door says the driving tests are all full. (Apparently only person staffs the office and she can only take two a day of those). I call another office and she says I can chance it but she won't do it in the rain. Well the radar say no rain until the afternoon, it is 8 a.m. after all. So we drive the 45 mins to that office. (Jackson is getting plenty of extra driving practice in). When we arrive in the basement of the courthouse the door is closed, the people waiting in the chairs in the hall say she (another one-person office) is on a driving test and that the computers are down. So we sit and wait. After the computers come back up we are first on the list and she actually puts all of Jackson's information in the computer and takes his photo, looking like its a go today. Then she starts taking people who came after us to get renewals and such. Wait, what? She then tells us it will be after lunch before she does any more driving tests. Sooo, we go shopping at Hammer's and eat a leisurely lunch, it is a government office and they are in no hurry. Get back from lunch, computers are down again. Look at the radar, HUGE storm headed our way. Ugh. Decided to call it quits for the day. On the way home it is raining so hard we had to pull off the road. Chalk it up to another chance of learning how to handle that driving experience for Jackson. 
The next day we didn't even attempt it, I had to get some work done this week. So Thursday we head out again, get to the office within 30 mins of it opening. No rain in the forecast, we have our paper work in order. After a couple of hours it was his turn for the test. Hallelujah, he passed! I don't think I could have handled going through all of that again. Now to find him a vehicle..... 

Do you have any government office horror stories?

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