Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This year my baby is 10 years old. So when I can still get him to go do "seasonal" things willingly I cherish those memories.  Getting a friend to go along helps a lot. How much would my heart melt if the whole family actually did something together.  I am thinking in about 10 years when the boys are on their own and starving I can bribe them in exchange for a meal.

Here are some photos of our trip to Lyon Family Farms in Taft, TN.

There is another Cotton Pickin' Pumpkin Patch closer but they are always very crowded so we thought we'd try a new place this year. It did not disappoint.  CG and his friend had a great time. We went Sunday before Halloween, which is another reason we chose this one, the other was closed that day.  The bouncy pillow was torn and so that was a bit disappointing for the boys, but they managed to make a go of it.

The highlight for me, seeing Connor's face when he took his first bite of a fried Snickers bar. That boy was in absolute heaven! The only other place I have seen the fried Snickers is at the Texas State Fair and honestly, I would go to the Fair JUST for that delicacy (and then go run about 10 miles the next day to work it off)

Corn in the corn crib

bouncy slide

Rolling in a tube "Rat Races"

CG trying to get the alpaca to spit at him

He's got to find just the right one...
Trying to find our way out of the corn maze. We never did it right and wound up "breaking out". 

 And the cotton! We have lived in Alabama for two full years now so this is the second cotton "bloom" I have seen.  Seeing it live really is amazing. My friend Denise had a great post on the cotton harvest at her blog "Count It All Joy". Click on over to see it. Very interesting stuff.  Its always good to know about local culture and business.  Too bad all of this beautiful cotton gets sent overseas to be made into fabric.  I read that there are zero cotton mills in America and thus the price of my quilting stash continues to rise at an alarming rate. So sad.

In Texas we had Bluebonnets, in Alabama cotton. 


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  1. I've seen the Lyon's Family Farms advertised but never been there before -- it looks like a fun place to visit! Shoot -- anyplace that deals in pumpkins is bound to be fun, right??!! LOL!! Thanks for the shout out, too!!! :)