Monday, March 26, 2012

Soap box, garden progress, quilt, etc

I was reading my plethora of blogs today and this one shocked me a bit.  It is a story of a quilter who was sent fabric by a manufacturer, presumably to use and to help promote their product.  Well she made a quilt with it and then put a picture of the quilt in one of her books.  Now she is being threatened with a law suit for publishing a picture of HER quilt pattern with their fabric. See Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog for more on this story.  It is sad, sad when others want to profit from someone else's talents but don't want to play nice in return.  The quilter wasn't trying to make a profit from the fabric designer, just trying to show off her own quilt design.  I'm sure she gave the appropriate accolades for the fabric, etc. in her book. I really do not like litigation for the sake of litigation.  Really, because you aren't making that extra dime today you think it is someone else's fault and so you sue them, really? I truly believe what goes around comes around for these people.  Ok, off that soap box....

baby plantings for blue butterfly garden
future three seasons garden
Here is a story of the epitome of mom-ADD. Friday afternoon I was working on putting the last row on a baby quilt.  (Actually it is a Bonnie Hunter design, Storytime Stars) when the doorbell rang.  So I went to answer it and there was a box.  It was the plants I had ordered for the front beds, yippee :0) I took a peek and decided they needed immediate attention.  I went straight to the garage and got the last couple of bags of soil fixer stuff and took to working it into the clay so the plants wouldn't choke when they got planted.  A couple of hours later, the blue butterfly garden was planted (about 6 plants).  I didn't have enough soil conditioner to do the 6 x 12 area for the other three season color garden, so that would wait.

Storytime stars quilt

I completely forgot about the quilt for that time but did eventually get back to it and the top is done.  It is going to be for Kevin's cousin's daughter's baby.  That would make he/she a great second cousin? third cousin? not exactly sure.  What I do know is that it is already loved :0)

Bluebird nest in gutter

I found a little blue egg in the front yard after some strong winds last week.  The trees up front don't have any nests and then I realized every morning when I walk out front to get the paper I see one or two bluebirds.  So I started looking around and there it is, in the gutter right by the front door.  It is too close to the eaves for me to see if there are more eggs but the birds are still hanging around.  I feel bad that they get scared out of the nest every time we open the front door.  I love seeing them though.  I have placed a feeder in the back yard and am already fighting with the sneaky squirrels. Hmph.  Makes me think of my dear f-i-l and his squirrel woes.  I think he finally just gave up on trying to feed the birdies.


  1. ok....funny comment here..... you switched subjects on this blog post with every breath you took. !!!!! Yes, I can both laugh & make fun of you...because you would do no less for me!!!!! BUT...the garden looks promising and the quilt is pretty!

  2. It was a MOM D D (my version of ADD) day I guess. Most of them are like that these days.