Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Technology is wonderful, when it works.  Lately I have been having breakdowns with all of my techie stuff.  First my computer's hard drive went to where hard drives go when they die.  And no, I had not backed it up.  I had been looking at external drives literally for years, but always put it off, thinking to myself that I could use that hundred dollars or so on something else that day.  Not worth putting off.  All of my pictures, music, programs, papers, all of it GONE.  I am now the proud owner of an external drive that I need to use.  I bought it before I walked out of the store when dropping off the computer for repair.

As far as my music, I cannot figure out how to get my music from the I-phone to the computer i tunes account.  It will transfer the music I purchased from I tunes but I had imported many, many disks.  The thought of redoing it is exhausting.

Regarding my photography issues, I did print all of my 2010 pictures, so at least I have those and some other important ones are out in cyberworld at ShutterFly. Otherwise, I have been pretty lousy at printing my pics. Also, I am in the process of taking a long distance photography class and would like to have a bunch of pictures to choose from for my assignments.

Oh did I mention that my Nikon D80 camera that is 3 years old stopped taking pictures while I was visiting my folks in W. Virginia in October.  So that is on its way to Nikon to have the problem diagnosed.  Like the saying goes, waiting is the hardest part.  And how can I continue my photography class?  They probably think I have quit the course by now.  The leaves are changing on all of the trees around here and I really want to take pics of them!

My other passion/obsession is sewing and quilting. I do something just about every day. I bought a Brother machine at Costco about 2 years ago for under $200 and thought I was getting a great deal.  Guess what?  Not so much, it also ceased to cooperate.  This also happened last Christmas when I was in the middle of making teacher gifts.  So yesterday was spent taking it to a repair shop where I was told it would cost more to repair than I paid for it.  Ugh.  I commenced the quest for a new machine only to be completely shocked by the cost of a decent machine.  The amount of technology for a sewing machine is astounding.  Do I just want to sew and quilt, or at some future time add embroidery? So many decisions.  So for now I am going to work on some hand quilting practice and hexagons.  The Christmas gift for one of my nieces is on hold for now.

At least I can still have my morning cup of coffee and the computer is fixed, even if all of my programs are gone.  I need to create a resume but don't have the program to do that.  It is still in a box somewhere in this house.  We have officially started house hunting, which is a story for another time! I am super excited about maybe being in our own home relatively soon.  So maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel.

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