Friday, January 3, 2014

Saying Farewell to a Stitch Its Friend

I am in a stitching group that meets every week on Thursday 9:30 am until you have had enough. Most people leave around 2. So we spend a lot of hours together. Sadly one of our friends has had to move due to her husband's job. So to give her a proper send off we did what quilters do, made her quilt blocks incorporating things we know she likes. Purple is her favorite color and she likes house blocks. Here are most of them. (Read to the bottom for the funny story)
I think this is Linda V
Charmaine L's final block
Charmaine L, rough draft, but where's the purple? This has become an ongoing joke in the group. She even wrote on the block "periwinkle is the new purple."

Pat S, the door opens and has a button for the doorknob

Mary M.

Janice has a fur baby that she loves so I made her a dog house. 

Label made by Fran S.

Denise Pr birdhouse

Pam Anders

Fran S used her embroidery machine and even put the  house number on it for the 208 house. 

Marjorie L, outhouse. 

Rhonda S, always a little wonky :0) 

Dianne R, love the fussy cut fabric for the walkway, flowers and trees,

Kathy R, paper pieced mansion

Karen M

Kari H, always bright and cheery

Leanne L. , I can tell because of the LeMoyne star

Lynn B. 
It seems there are a few missing, so if I missed yours let me know and send a pic! Here a story about one that didn't quite make it in time.

Jackie H. knew she wouldn't be at the group the day of the party. So she planned ahead, made her block and mailed it to our fearless leader Christy. We live in or near Huntsville, AL. The government has decided we don't need a post office that processes mail here, so everything has to go to Birmingham and then come back. Jackie decided to check the tracking on her piece of mail (sent in a bubble envelope) so be sure Christy would have it in time.  It turned out that her house took a little road trip. From Huntsville, to Birmingham, to Atlanta, to Pensilvania (I think), back to Atlanta, Birmingham and then finally to Christy's in Madison. (the exact trip might not be right but you get the picture) Jackie says its a good thing it wasn't a trip around the world quilt! The block was delivered to Janice before she left town, so its all good. We will miss her bunches!


  1. Silly girl…….. where is the one you did?

  2. These are such fun! I love how Jackie's really took a trip! :)