Saturday, September 29, 2012

Has my "luck" turned?

 I got this wonderful prize in the mail a couple of days ago! What is so amazing about this is that I am probably the UNluckiest person to walk the  planet.  I have won things, but those are things I worked hard to win (such as band medals way, way back when, or completion medals for races).  But random ticket drawings and such, never.  It is an ongoing joke in our household that dad always wins, mom never does.  So that is why this is so exciting.
Clover binding clips, just in time to bind my red and white quilt and a dresden plate template.  I never  throught of doing one, but might now. 

A charm pack of Robert Kaufman fabrics, fun and bright. 
Another charm pack of Moda
Bad picture sorry.  I was so excited I couldn't hold still :0)
A snowman candle mat kit.

A great tote bag.  I have already used it to haul my stash to a workshop.
More patterns.
Simply Minnesota book of patterns.
Yay, candy, to keep up energy for all the quilting I need to do with all my goodies.
And last but not least, McCall's quilting magazine. 
Thanks Paula for all the wonderfulness in my box of goodies.  I am sorry it took so long for me to rave about it.  Life happened and I haven't had a chance. Maybe I will enter more contests now :0) 


  1. Yay for Melissa!!! Paula's such a generous, kind-hearted friend -- I'm glad you got to experience it firsthand! :)

  2. ok....that is cool for Paula to do. I am sure you will love using that stuff! Enjoy!