Monday, August 15, 2011

I just felt like running

Note to self: when posting from email a picture will go through but not the text. Grrr. The past four posts I had to recreate mostly. I am posting from my phone and I-pad because my iMac crashed and burned. I found out today that they weren't able to rescue any of my stuff. Pictures, music, programs, applications all of it is gone. I just want to cry. I already bought an external hard drive for future backups, but it is a little too late.

On to the above photo. That is the greenway in Huntsville where I like to run. When I lived in Frisco, TX (a suburb north of Dallas) I trained for and ran two marathons. As the training progressed the distances got longer and longer. So instead of running a loop many times in my neighborhood I would weave in and out of adjoining neighborhoods. The most interesting it got was looking at the landscaping jobs. Now there are trees and birds and a creek. I can also go hike in the mountains where there are trails if I want some more challenging terrain. I am pondering the idea of doing another race, just a half this time though. I really need to drop some weight if I want to get a decent time though. Sounds like another goal to work on, because I don't have enough to do, ha ha.

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