Monday, January 4, 2016

Already behind

While in Houston at the International Quilt Festival I came across the most adorable quilt. I love house block quilts to start with and these are just 4 inch finished. I jumped in and am dragging a couple of friends with me.

That Town and Country Quilt by Susan Claire of Gourmet Quilter

It's called That Town and Country Quilt by Susan Claire of Gourmet Quilter. She is in New Zealand. 

I really SHOULD NOT be starting a new project given the 9 in progress and 5 tops to be quilted I already have. But it was too cute to pass up.

So why am I behind? Well this beauty is a block of the DAY. Yep, 365 in total. Since today is the fourth and I haven't made a block get the picture. What I have done is get organized. I got a big binder and a bunch of sheet protectors. I have printed out the first seven patterns and the supply list etc and inserted them in the page protectors. I have also traced the patterns onto my fusible of choice (Steam a seam lite 2) rough cut those and put them in with the corresponding pattern. Then when my fabric that is ordered arrives I will be set to go.

What are you working in this new year?finishing ufo's or starting something new?
Binder to organize pattens and pieces. Will store completed blocks here too. 

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  1. Wow -- this is an incredible undertaking; what a delightful quilt! Can't wait to see the blocks as you go along!! :)