Thursday, April 18, 2013

Treasures Found

 Today is Thursday. It is the day I spend with my Stitch Its friends.  One of our friends is often not there these days because she works for a lady running estate sales.  She called today from a house near where we meet to tell us about an old sewing machine and a couple of quilts.  So 8 of us loaded up into two cars and went for a visit.  I was just going to "supervise".  Ha, look at what I got!
A 5 gallon butter churn crock, glazed in dark brown and cream. There are no markings on the bottom. 

The lid and handle/churn are wooden. The handle is worn from use. 
 In my modest internet research it would seem that this type of crock would sell for around $200. I paid $30!

iced tea spoons

 These were in the kitchen taped together. A set of 8 iced tea spoons. The back is stamped "Niagra Silverplate". It appears that they are maybe from the 1930's and would sell for about $8 a piece.

 I love the look of old "primitive" kitchen utensils. The spoon has been well used as has the rolling pin. There is a cute little brass bell that has a very high tone to it. And does anyone know what the other thing is. I call it a masher. #3 son proceeded to use it to mash open a walnut. It was very effective for that.  Now I need a wide mouthed crock for the counter to hold my new treasures. 

Lastly is a clear glass butter dish. It has no markings. There was another one in green clear glass that a friend got. Not sure why I got it, since I like to keep my butter in a crock with a water seal on the counter so it is room temp and doesn't mush the bread.

All totaled I paid under $50 for my treasures today, and I didn't need a single thing. That's the way it goes.  Now I need to find things to get rid of. I try to get rid of something for everything I bring in so it doesn't get too cluttered around here.

Have you found any good treasures lately?


  1. i like those spoons! (a lot) THe other day I saw that same butter dish at F.Re. here in town. It was 1.99. I didn't have the cash on hand and decided i didn't need it. (But we all know that I should have bought it. )

    I am looking for furniture now......

  2. yes, and btw.... I am not sure of this mosaic thing that you have going on with the blog. it makes it difficult to read all of the newest post you make.