Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little work

Here is a sample of the quilting I have been doing at Beautiful Bee Quilting. I send my customers a "sneek peak" when their quilt is loaded and under way. I think they enjoy it. I don't have a long turn around time, usually less than a week, but in the future it might not be so quick and this will be a good way to keep them posted on the status. I have discovered it is not so easy to get good pictures of quilts. I am also spending a good deal of time trying to post the pictures everywhere. Should I put them on the web site, Facebook, twitter, pintrest, blog.... Right now I put them all on the web site and try to get them on Facebook. That takes enough time! So here they are...

An outdoorsy quilt for Pat S's son in law, quilted with fly fishing hooks. 

Dianne R's batik quilt, reminded me of water, so I used a circular pattern that made me think bubbles. 

Janice A's civil war reproduction block swap.
Custom quilted using about 5 different block patterns alternating and feathered triangles in the border triangles. 
Small border, pulled part of a pattern from the larger border. 

Block detail
Christy H's Jewel box king size quilt, started in the 80's :0) Custom quilted with cross hatching through the chains and block design at left. 

Rhonda S's friend's aunt's quilt, vintage maybe. Raspberry and floral, no sashings. I isolated the block and custom quilted with swirly design.
Another vintage quilt, hand embroidered
blocks. I free motioned following
the suggested quilting "dots" 


The business needs a mascot and I was inspired by Mary Lou Weidman during her workshop through our guild last fall to make a crazy cow quilt. (Click on her name to go to a recent blog post about some of the cow quilts). I think I have a name for her Bea (or Beatrice) the Bumble Cow. I am making wonky letters and borders then I will embellish with eyes and buttons and bee hives and other fun stuff. It's about 45 inches square right now and has been fun to create. 

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