Saturday, October 27, 2012

A little after the fact

I am a little delayed in this topic.  A couple of weeks ago I went on a retreat, to quilt.  Until I quilted the only retreats I knew about were of the spiritual nature with women's groups from church.  Well, I retreated from my world and went about 30 minutes from home up the road to Scottsboro, Alabama for 3 days and nights of me time.  Of course my me time was spent creating a quilt for #1 son and working on my "X  block" exchange (of which I have apparently lost a whole set).

Grand Oak Retreat is an amazing place.  It is nestled up off the road (way up and off).  The first picture above is actually from the yard looking down the driveway.  Beneath those bushes is a water feature.  They have a chicken coop. I gathered the eggs one day which we had in our breakfast the following day. A first for me. I know it is not glamorous or exciting, but this city girl has always wanted chickens.  Living in a master planned community prohibits that and so I live vicariously through those who are able to. I got a kick out of Cindy telling me about her chicken adventures.  Specifically how she and and her dear hubby would chase the chickens around the yard to get them into the coop in the evening until one day they forgot and when they went outside all the chickens were already in, amazingly all by themselves.  The city humans didn't know it was instinct for the chickens to go to roost at dusk. I'm sure just one of many great stories about the place. 

This is a sunrise picture from the balcony overlooking Lake Guntersville. Yes we actually slept and got up early enough to see sunrise. This sunrise actually fizzled out though. It was the strangest thing, all glorious pinks one minute and the next, nothing. 

I had to get a picture of the wildflowers in bloom, in October.  This verified for me that it was not just my wildflowers that are blooming so late this year. I have some that are as tall as me and just now getting ready to bloom.  I have had a hard time convincing the hubster that they really aren't weeds! It is a sight, the flowers in bloom with the fall leaves covering the yard. 

Are you wondering what I worked on during the retreat? It will be revealed soon, its almost done. It is red and black and white and appropriate for an 18 year old male. I will be working on it tomorrow and hopefully get the blocks attached together and bordered. I will also be adjusting to a cold front coming through our neck of the woods. Happy Fall!

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  1. Grand Oak is one of my absolute favorite retreat places!! Are you able to go in February with Stitchers?! :)