Friday, September 14, 2012

My first longarmed quilt

My red and white quilt loaded and ready to quilt
I did it! I completed my first quilt on the longarm.  By the way, her name is Cinnamon, thanks to my friend Christy who said," She looks like a cinnamon red hot."

This is a first quilt in more than one way. Back in 2009 when we lived in Texas, I found a great quilt shop The Old Craft Store in Carrollton. That is where I discovered what a quilt block of the month is and this was my first one of those. I learned a lot every month when I took my completed block back in to get my next one. The ladies working would look at my block and give me pointers on how to get mis-sewn seams to lie flat and butting up opposing seams to get them straight, etc.

So while quilting it I discovered a few things. Upon close
cross hatch pattern and small flower
inspection this is not a well pieced quilt. I don't think of myself as a perfectionist, but I do like things to be as close to "right" as possible.  There are pleats and puckers that are sewn in and quilting will not hide those.  Buttons might though! Since it is not my best work it was a perfect first project for the long arm. All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Picture of the computer screen near the end of the project

I learned about sizing borders better and combining patterns so the machine doesn't stop and start between each connected one and I dealt with thread breakage.

Back detail

The two full days of training with Mark from Stitch N Frame from Vicksburg, MS was a great start but some things just need to be learned hands on.  I know I can do this now and that feels great. My next project will begin Monday. I will do one more of my own and then I have my first "real" one for a gal from my StitchIts group. Thanks Dianne for your vote of confidence!


  1. Great job, Melissa!! I think it looks fabulous -- you definitely need to bring this for show and tell! :)

  2. Good job! Finished is better than perfect! Each one will teach you something--enjoy the journey!

  3. I can't agree with the previous posters more........that is awesome! IT looks fabulous & perfect. Being finished makes it even more perfect!!!!!