Friday, August 10, 2012

I have a web site

I have gone ahead and set up a web site for my new adventure.  It is still pretty bare bones until I get some real samples of work done on the long arm, which I cannot possibly do until after September 5.  Because that is when I am scheduled to get the beast.  I have my home address listed on the site, just in case anyone wants to get ahead of the crowd and send their quilts to be quilted in early. (haha) Since I have 5 followers and I know three do not quilt and one is me that leaves one and I'm pretty sure she already had a friend or two that she can go to for this particular service. And since I am not trying to 'steal' anyone else's business..... 

Maybe I can teach some of my friends in one of my quilting groups about technology and how to become followers? Maybe not, just facebook is a stretch for some of those gals. (I say this in the most loving way, I love all of them dearly). (cma just in case they do find their way here, right:0) ) If you don't send it by e-mail they won't get the message.  So I guess I will have to break down and put each individual into my contact list and do emails to tell them about the site.  I think they will be able to handle that much, right?  

So what is the address you say? .  Now if you forget the quilting part you will arrive at a beauty type site.  And remember, the name is a play on my name: melissa = honey bee and labella = beautiful.  It is a very basic site, but it is free and you know the saying, if its free its for me! Seriously, it has the most amenities of any free site out there and is really easy to use. Just drag and drop and add photos, wa la.  

I am still working on an official logo.  I like this little guy above and may just add the name in a circle around it. I haven't found a great free logo site that has any cute bees.  They are all ugly waspy looking things. I'll keep searching. That's all to report for now. 


  1. ok... you are cool! and yes, I am not the quilting person...but if I were I would send them all to you. TO<ORROW! because I am wanting to de-clutter and clean house!


  2. Bahaha!! I think that would make me the quilter?! I've got no allegiances ... I just mostly hand quilt! But the next time I have a big quilt that I want machine quilted, you'll be my gal!!!! Your website looks terrific so far!! Can't wait until you get your machine!! :)

  3. Hello,
    I came over via Denise and have added you to my reading list so you have another follower. As I told her, I am looking for a quilter who isn't too busy. I am finishing up a quilt on my SAL group and want to have it quilted...
    Plus, I'm always happy to meet another Huntsville (I'm out in Monrovia) blogger. One of these days, I'm going to get everyone together for a meet and greet. I've only met Denise online so far and Lisa also, I'm ashamed to say Lisa lives less than 5 miles from me and I've never met her in person.
    I'll be in touch but save a slot for me if you can when all the others start lining up at the door.
    Mama Bear

  4. Congrats on your new blog and the longarm that is coming! How fun! Stopping by from Denise's blog and I'm your newest follower! Good luck!