Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm back after the move and a trip down memory lane

What a crazy past three weeks!  We have packed, moved, unpacked, drove to Tampa for Christmas (an 11 hour drive one way), came back and unpacked some more and now I am stuck.  I am working on the bonus room which is going to be a shared space for the kids and myself.  I have flip flopped whose half is whose and now I need to get some real desk space and organization to my craft stuff.  No more folding tables. To get inspiration I have been surfing the web.  I am more overwhelmed than before with all of the gorgeous ideas.  This would be ideal, but since it is not reality.....

Speaking of moving, we visited the first two homes we built.  Well the builders built them but we started them from the ground up.  The first one was on Bald Eagle St in Tampa.  A cute little 1800 sq.ft. home. A great started.  The neighborhood is a bit run down and our yard is all weeds.  I think of the hours Kevin spent dealing with cinch bugs and planting plugs.   

Our second home was on Carribbean Ct in Lutz.  (Yes it is misspelled on the street sign and always drove me crazy).  It is about the same.  We have some great memories in both of those places and have managed to stay in Christmas Card Contact with a few families from each street.

So for now, back to daydreaming and planning about how to create a crafting haven, or as DH says my "crap room."

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  1. Such fun to have a new space to plan and design! And LOL at your DH and his name for your...err...stuff. We were in Tampa in March -- it was the first time my husband had been there. It's a lovely little city. Have fun "designing spaces"! :)