Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first Post to this Blog

Has anyone started a blog and not begun with some sort of statement about being a newby to the blog world?  I am not sure what to expect from this or even what "theme" it will have.  I expect these things take on a mind of their own once they get going.  My traditional thinking is that blogs are self serving and I suppose I am still of that mind set.  But recently I have been following a couple of blogs that have made me feel like I made a new friend, even though I don't comment much on the posts.  So I guess that is what I hope, to reach someone who is lonely and maybe make a "cyber-friend" along the way.

The first thing I am wanting to share is the quilt block I finished today.  This one is for a quilt block of the month (qbom) at a local shop.  I have chosen to piece these by hand.  Why would someone do that when she owns a perfectly good sewing machine, you ask?  I am a relatively new quilter and am just trying a different technique.  So far I have 11 of these blocks done.  I am not crazy about the actual finished quilt with a large applique in the middle, so will do something different with these.  I am telling myself that they will not become orphans and not make it into a quilt.

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  1. You must have done the Patches & Stitches BOM! I thought I recognized the block, but our fabrics are so different, I had to go back and find mine to see if our July blocks were the same! I didn't care for the big applique center, either, so I nixed that and I'm just going to put the 16 blocks together and let it be a pretty lap quilt. How close to finishing yours are you? I *will* finish mine this year! :)