Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New 'team member'

The newest addition the the Beautiful Bee Quilting mascot team has arrived.

This adorable Sewing Bee was created by Gaile Jordan (Gaile's Gallery) especially for me. Now she needs a name. Suggestions please. (Her partner the Bummble Cow is already called Bea)


  1. Did you ever get a name for this gal?? She looks like a "Honey" to me! LOL! :) How are you doing? I am hoping to start back to guild in September. Haven't decided for sure. I miss you, though! :)

    1. I took a poll on FB and the winning name was "Bizzy", I like Honey too though. I haven't been to guild in a while, trying to get there this week. Busy time of year. Missing you too! How sad my last blog post was in February! I must do better :0)