Monday, September 1, 2014

Mondo Bag Fun Day

The Mondo Bag from QuiltSmart was a big hit and a gal in my stitch group (Stitch Its) suggested we do them as a group project. So we did just that. I ordered the fusible interfacing/pattern by the bolt and all interested parties got theirs.

 I suggested they cut the 2-1/2 inch squares and fuse them to the interfacing ahead of time. I expected at least 20 people and knew there wouldn't be enough time or irons to accommodate everyone. Most of them also sewed the short and long seams creating 4 panels.  This was a pretty good plan, most everyone was able to finish the bags during our get together. 

Below are some of the finished or nearly finished bags. I love the variety and how each person's personality comes through in the fabric selections!



Kathy's or Patte's  or Cecilia's ?

Pat S's




One shoe, bag on head, its been a long day! :0) 

Karen's (she even made a bottom to fit down inside)

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