Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alabama Quilts Syposium Ribbons

I am super excited! The Alabama Quilts Symposium was this weekend. I was unable to attend because I did a 3-day retreat at Grand Oak with some quilty friends earlier this week. There were a lot of entries in the quilt show from Huntsville. Two of them were quilts my customers entered. I have mentioned them before because they received ribbons at our guild show. 

So why the excitement? Mary's "Sallie's quilt" (which was also juried into the AQS show in Lancaster, PA earlier this year) won Best of Show. I got so excited and posted to our FB group that she won second place because someone else sent me an email earlier saying they saw my name on a second place winner. 

Well, that second place winner turns out to be Peggy's "Alaskan Totemic Art" quilt. She also won Judge's Choice!

Congratulations to Mary and Peggy. It is an honor and pleasure to be allowed to be a part of your beautiful quilts. 
Peggy B's Totemic art quilt, part original design, part wall hanging designs all merged together.
(This is Pre-trim and binding. I need to get a better picture!)

Mary M's "Sallie's Quilt"
(a design from Red Crinoline formerly Bonnie Blue patterns)

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