Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day(s)

I am in North Alabama, by way of Frisco, Texas, and a native Floridian. All that is to say I am thin blooded. I do not like cold weather much. I would rather it be 100 degrees and sunny (I guess as long as I have a/c).  When it is cold I get chilled to the bone and can't seem to get warm no matter how many layers I put on.  If you have seen the news you know that the south has had its fair share of winter weather this year. A couple of week ago the school district here delayed school by two hours a few days and that worked well overall. This week, however, they cancelled school Tuesday and then Wednesday. Wednesday (today) it just rained all day until about 4 pm and then the winter weather finally hit. Needless to say, school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. Here are some snow pictures of the first round on Tuesday.

Our big Oak tree

The trees in the back yard with a dusting of snow
Max loves the snow

Izzie does not seem to love the snow

Making a snow angel

Max follows Izzie EVERYWHERE, she doesn't get a moment's peace.
Knowing I had a fun day hunkered down I decided to practice my needle turning appliqué. I normally use freezer paper and fold the fabric over and starch it for a nice crisp edge but want to do some more elaborate pieced and really need to be able to needle turn to do those. Here is a little wall hanging of a sea turtle I picked up in Florida this Christmas while visiting family.

I do know that when doing any kind of appliqué you should not sew it to your robe :0) So much for that project today. I wound up doing laundry and updating my web site instead!

What NOT to do when doing appliqué, sew it to your clothes.
What are you doing to stay occupied these days?


  1. I love, love, loved this snow event! The snow angel is darling -- glad he got to have some fun in the snow!! :)

  2. Ha! Every quilter sews herself to her clothes at least once--good job! Wish I could gave gotten off work for a snow day, though Tuesday was my normal day off. Not fun driving home at 6 pm last night--snow was really coming down and the roads were covered.