Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Great Deal

Ott Lites are great things. The light they shine really does make it easier to do things like sew, read, scrapbook. I already own a cute pink one and another one that sits by my chair in the family room. The pink one has a weighted base and is somewhat heavy. I also dislike having to unplug a light that I use regularly to haul it to stitch group once a week. I really wanted one to keep in my sewing bag. (Honestly I just plain forget to unplug and bring them!)

I saw this little gem at Tuesday Morning a month or so ago. I didn't snag it because I really didn't trust that the "regular price" "sale price" things were totally accurate. I have bought things before that I thought were a great deal only to find it somewhere else for the same price. Stores aren't allowed to mislabel like that are they? Anyways, I decided to investigate this one. So the next time I was at another large fabric chain store I looked at the Ott lites. Indeed they sell this one for $99.99. So $39.99 is a steal for this rechargeable light. Even better for me it was on further sale, I got it for $31.99. 

What great deals have you found lately? 

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