Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Season

My three sons
There is football season and baseball season, around here we have a mini season of birthdays. It worked out that our three boys have birthdays within a month of each other, April 28, April 30, and May 27. The nice thing is that they are several months after Christmas and that they are over and done with (did I really say that?).

For Jackson's birthday (#2 son) this year we went to visit him for the first time since he left for "school." I took his favorite meal (lasagna) and the famous "poo-poo" cake. (How it got its name is an entire topic unto itself almost). It is a chocolate peanut butter batch of deliciousness made in the microwave.

Chocolate hockey cake
For Chandler's (#3 son) birthday we joined forces with one of his best friends whose birthday is the same week. They were also in the same class so thought it would work well. Of course they had two totally different guest lists so our plan was foiled, but they had a blast at the IcePlex skating the day away. Pizza and a yummy cake from Costco was on his menu, and of course a giant bottle of cheese balls.

Chandler and his friend having a blast

 Hunter is getting all grown up. He worked a 10 hour shift on his birthday, which happened to fall on Memorial Day this year. His birthday dinner was a cookout with burgers and dogs, ranch potato salad, and 3 bean bake. His cake of choice has to have carmel. This is an improvised version of chocolate holey cake.

 Now I don't have an excuse to make a cake, but that won't stop me...
What does your family do to celebrate birthdays?

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  1. I have always thought your bday cakes sound amazing.... Jackson's cake really does look like poo!

    I want a spoon for Hunter's!!!!! YUMMO!!!

    We celebrate with everyone drinking out of their special glasses...all purchased at my favorite store.