Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm a golf mom

I apologize for the alien gibberish in the previous couple of posts.  My lack of technologic knowledge at work.  While out of town I tried to post from my phone.  Fail.  So here's what's doin'.

 It's official, I am a golf widow AND a golf mom.  #2 son played in his first SJGT (Southeastern Junior Golf Tour) two day tournament this week.  We went to Prattville, AL on Sunday for his practice round at the Senator Course on the RTJ there.  It was HOT.  I rode while he played with another boy and his dad.  (It turns out that boy got second place).  Jackson did pretty good the first day ending tied for 9th place out of 22.  The second day, not so much.  Ended tied for last :0(  We will chalk this up to a learning experience.  He is registered for another tournament this coming week in Opelika near Auburn

I didn't follow him around the golf course this time.  I didn't want to be a distraction.  Who am I kidding, it was way too hot out there and I was being a wimp.  So what is a girl to do with all that time?

On Monday I met with a lady about a Gammill (long arm quilting machine).  As luck would have it while I was researching long arm machines I found a Gammill rep right there in Prattville, so I made an appointment with her.  Her name is JoAn Knight and we spent two hours talking quilting. It was very informative and oh that machine.  I think I dreamed about it last night.  

After Jackson's round of golf we wandered down to Montgomery.  It was too late to do any "touristy" stuff but we had a nice lunch and I did find the local quilt shop, of course.  I only bought a few fat quarters, so not too much damage done. 

On Tuesday while son was golfing I found an "an'tique mall"(have you ever seen antique spelled with an apostrophe in the middle?)  Well there were not many antiques and I didn't find any treasures that had to come home with me but I did get a chuckle out of this tag.  It was on a decorated galvanized can.  The command of the English language is astounding. So my questions are: Did you holed the dog food like you would a golf ball? and what belongs to the ant that you are keeping it safe from? Bonus points for the cute idea and neat handwriting though. :o)

 Now I am off to teach myself how to post from my phone. 
Happy Independence Day. Stay cool and safe. 


  1. LOL on the gibberish...I was really afraid your blog had been overtaken by...something. Haha! Perhaps ... and this is a stretch ... the original name of the store was Flea and Antique Mall and they couldn't make it fit, so they combined the "and" and the "Antique" to "An'tique"? No? Well, it was worth a shot. So, when will that machine be taking up its new residence in your home?!? LOL! I mean, after all, a golf widow *and* golf mom? You deserve a new long arm! :)

  2. Oh, Yes....... BUY IT!!!! BUIY IT!!!!!!! It will be cheap therapy!!

    1. Actually not so cheap. Daily therapy sessions out of pocket might actually be cheaper!