Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi again

It has been awhile since my last post.  I have either been really busy or life is "boring."  I suppose it is a combination of both.  We seem to have a pretty good pattern of "normal" going on for the moment, which is a wonderful thing.  I like life without drama.

Here are a couple of pictures to share.  I have been wanting to attract hummingbirds but didn't think I would have much luck since we don't have any bushes in the back yard (or trees).  Someone suggested just having the feeder with the red on it would attract them.  Since my friend across the street told me he has had tons of hummingbirds I thought I could entice a few over to my yard.  So I researched the recipe for the nectar and dug through the boxes in the garage to find the feeder and tried it. The first day I saw one it was raining and cold and he was actually up on my porch sitting on a stick that was supposed to be supporting the cucumber plant which had died (I did get 2 cukes from it though).  It seems that one little hummingbird likes my nectar.  I just get one or two but as long as there is sugar water in the feeder they keep coming around.  I know they will migrate soon, but I will enjoy them as long as they are here.  They are so fascinating to me!.  (I got these shots early in the morning and did not do any retouching other than cropping). I love the light coming off the droplet of nectar and how the wing is translucent.

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